Wake up. Get Inspired. Live Empowered.

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Transform your next conference from just another ho-hum gathering into a truly powerful life altering experience.

Barton combines his sharp wit, humor and personal experience of living with Cerebra Palsy to deliver inspirational keynotes and transformative workshops that will give your audience a complete experience of pure emotion and raw honesty that breaks down all barriers of limitation.

Not only will we leave participants with clarity about their own visionenthusiasm to take action, and an eagerness to engage their own resourcefulness, but we will also share kickass stories that will have you rolling in the aisles.

Speaking and Training Topics include:

  • Evoking Inclusion: Creating Dynamic Cultures Through Wholeness
  • Say That Again: Listing to Wholeness in Self and Other
  • Work Unpalsied: Leveraging Disruption to Forge Team Cohesion
  • Live Unpalsied: Leveraging Disruption to Transform Your Life

No matter where you are, inclusive leadership gives you the first steps you need for your life journeyclarifies your personal and professional vision, and uncovers the internal resources that have always been available to you but haven’t been recognized.

Discover the tools you need to rock your life into the powerful presence that you were born to be! 

Barton is available for:

  • Keynote Addresses
  • Conference Break Out Sessions or Interactive Workshops
  • Training Series
  • Panel Discussions

To book Barton Cutter for your next event or to schedule a workshop, contact us here:

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