Evoking inclusion to accelerate innovation!

Our workplace should be our workshop! As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and expert in crafting inclusive cultures, it is within this workshop that Barton works, plays, learns daily.

At the heart of this learning, Barton believes, is how we perceive the relationship between perceived challenge and wholeness. This dynamic is central to the human experience, both individually and within a team.

Yet so often, our conditioned thinking and unconscious biases distort our ability to recognize wholeness in others when perceptions of a unique challenge persist.

How do companies build cultures of diverse human capital, unqualified inclusion, and full engagement?

Inclusive Leadership Coaching & Consulting with Barton Cutter is about:

  • Leveraging Wholeness & Inclusion to embrace perceived challenge and foster innovation.
  • Building engagement and commitment that reflect your company’s core mission, vision, and values.
  • Reconnecting employees and team members to their intrinsic wisdom and passion to embrace new levels of responsibility.

Inclusive Leadership coaching and consulting with Barton Cutter is designed to elucidate patterns of behavior and communication, both of individuals and teams within the work environment.

Barton enhances the synergy and effectiveness among individuals, teams, and leaders throughout the company culture.

Barton’s sharp wit, humor and raw presence creates a safe and courageous environment for teams to deepen individual and team awareness, improve integration and team processes, and embrace full responsibility in all they do!

Barton empower organizations through:

  • Ongoing personalized coaching and support for entry level to executive staff.
  • Inclusive program Consulting.
  • Experiential workshops on evoking inclusion, cultivating innovation through disruption, and transforming unconscious bias.

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