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Teens Make a Run at Aid for Uganda

Published in the News and Observer, North Raleigh News Section Friday, April 25, 2008

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WAKE FOREST - Teenagers' interests tend to focus on such diversions as  
iPods, computer games and the latest social activity. But about 75 students in the Wake Forest-Rolesville High School Key Club lately have had a much more global vision.


Discovering the Roots of My Homeland

Published in the Alabama Celt, Spring, 2003

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Outside my window, I listened to their baa-ing chiming together in harmony on the Isle of Skye. I peeked out my window and saw two lambs jumping and playing beside a recently shaved ram. Before the rest of my family woke up, I opened the door to the bed and breakfast for my early morning walk, and a baby lamb bleated and jumped to the protection of its mother, scaring me as well. I walked across the green hills surrounded by white and black sheep grazing on the rich grass, where white clouds rolled over the hills to the edge of the loch, picking up seashells, pondering how many years the shells had been buried in the rich soil.


Joining the Men (and Women) Wearing BlackJoining the Men (and Women) Wearing Black

Published in The Tuscaloosa News, August 28, 2000 

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If anyone told me a year ago that I would get involved in a martial art, I would have said they were crazy. For years, I had childhood asthma; I was in and out of hospitals and couldn't even run without gasping for breath. A few months ago, a couple at my church, Mindy and Eric Young, invited anyone in our church group to participate in Bujinkan Martial Arts, authentic ninja training that traces its lineage through a thousand years. I procrastinated attending until I experienced a personal tragedy and needed to let go of the stress in my life.


Anna's ArtAnna's Art by Megan Barton

Published in Jubilation, February 2001

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Visual artists have always tapped into emotions, creating new worlds and new perspectives through their art, encouraging others to think about life in new ways. For an artist who has a physical illness, however, coping with disability adds many new challenges as we as altered perspectives.

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